Plantation Shutters

Affordable & Bespoke Plantation Shutters.

Shutters are a great way to dress windows whilst allowing fantastic light control.  The can even improve window insulation, helping to cut down on energy bills. Our shutters are tailor-made specifically to meet our customers’ needs.  We offer a wide range of colours and various designs to add a touch of class to any room.

Perfect Fit Shutters Lite

Alternatively, why not consider the Perfect Fit Shutter Lite style.  This is a cost-effective and innovative product that is easy to measure and simple to install.  Unlike standard shutters, the Perfect Fit Shutter Lite doesn’t require any outer framework, allowing more light in from the outside and an improved view from the inside. It also effortlessly clips in directly to your  existing uPVC window frames, making it easy to remove when cleaning or decorating.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are a timeless classic! They come in a range of colours and slat widths. Whether you choose a sleek wooden natural slat or a modern realistic Faux Wood, this blind will add an extra warmth and dimension to every room.  Made to measure so they fit your window perfectly!

Vertical Blinds

Our bespoke made to measure vertical blinds offer you maximum flexibility and creativity. The innovative design allows the louvres to be drawn neatly back to the side to offer clear views. The louvres can also be rotated through 180 degrees allowing the user to control light levels within any room, yet maintain privacy. The extensive fabric range is a mix of beautiful weaves and designs in contemporary colourways, exotic grass effects and organic natural hues, all of which will create window blinds of pure distinction.  Made to measure so they fit your window perfectly!

Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are an innovative new range of battery operated and mains powered window blinds. Choose from a vast range of luxury fabrics and control the blind with ease, using a remote or wand from anywhere in the room. These blinds are child safe as cords and chains are no longer necessary.  Made to measure widths so they fit your window opening perfectly.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a timeless classic and are available in luxury wood, faux wood or contemporary aluminium slats.  There is a huge range of slat styles available in various exotic colours, subtle shades and dynamic effects. Made to Measure so they fit your window perfectly.

Roman Blinds

Made to Measure Roman blinds offer luxurious and elegant styling for your windows.  We have a stunning range of distinctive and sumptuous fabrics which can be lined according to your requirements. Roman blinds combine soft fold fabrics with the practicality of a fully functional window blind. Whichever style you choose these blinds will add the finishing touch to your room.